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We will not be remembered by our words, but by our kind deeds. Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath.

Let us not forget...

Many brave souls buried in Apple Creek served our great nation for what they believed in. Some saw battle and died in their pursuit of liberty, freedom for others or for the ideals in their hearts. They served valiantly in different capacities; for some, it was in battle and others in support of troops and still others at home maintaining the needs of the armed forces. All are honored as heroes and remembered for their service. Apple Creek has four documented Revolutionary War soldiers (Alexander McLain, John Walker, John Cochran, and John Gilliland), 60 Civil War soldiers, one Spanish American War soldier, six who served in WWI including Josephine Adams who served as a nurse, 12 who served in WWII, one Korean War veteran, two Vietnam veterans and one Marine ROTC vet.

Also buried in Apple Creek are the ones who served their nation not by going into battle but with service to our nation in factories, production lines and other necessary support jobs. They provided the sustenance and equipment that kept our soldiers going. They provided protection for loved ones left behind. They provided the stability needed for our armies and our nation. We want to honor our soldiers but not forget that they had a support team of brave men and women back home also.

View a list of service members buried at Apple Creek Cemetery.

If any soldier’s name was left off the list, we apologize. Several sources for records were used, but not all records are complete. Please contact Darlene Yancey if corrections are needed.

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